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CEO's Greetings

hello. This is Crystal Huo, the representative of the International Beauty Education Qualification Institute (IBQC).

IBQC was established for the purpose of collecting the opinions of excellent domestic beauty professional groups, creating an international standard for beauty technology, and nurturing international beauty leaders who will lead the globalization of K-beauty.

In 2018, IBQC developed and approved 18 subject areas (beauty specialties) by SCC, a Canadian standards organization under the ISO organization.

We are taking the lead in the specialization and standardization of the beauty industry through the development of subdivided technology in the beauty field, and are implementing safer and more beautiful beauty technology by combining cutting-edge science and technology.

IBQC is doing its best to create a field of beauty that has never existed before, nurture talents in related technologies, and globalize K-beauty.

It is also expected to create a new paradigm of beauty technology by creating international standards in the field of beauty, creating new jobs, and establishing specialized programs in the world.

IBQC will go beyond international standards and strive to become the world's best institution for educating beauty service technicians and nurturing prestigious talents.

IBQC, the birthplace of the world's first international beauty individual technical qualification.

We will become IBQC, a content training center for world beauty artisans.

thank you.

International Beauty Qualification Center Co., Ltd.
CEO Crystal Huo
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