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International beauty certificate,

This is the world's first international certification in the beauty field as a certification registered according to ISO17024 (International Standard for Individual Qualifications). This international beauty certification was registered by IQCS, a certification body approved by the Canadian Standards Commission (SCC), an agency of the Canadian government, and can be recognized equally anywhere in the world.

Issued for the first time in the world
International Beauty Certification

Approved by SCC accreditation body
Certified by IQCS

anywhere in the world
Qualifications that can be recognized

International Examining Board (IOS) Registrar
Qualification issued by IQCS


International Organization for Standardization

ISO is an international standard-setting organization
It is an international standardization body made up of representatives.
It is an international standardization body made up of representatives.
We develop and disseminate internationally accepted standards to solve problems.
A non-governmental organization established by Swiss civil law as a private organization, the standards set by ISO are
Usually, it is widely cited and used when establishing international conventions or national standards,
so it has a great international influence and is actually closely related to the standard policies of each government.

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ISO 17024

ISO 17024
ISO 17024 is a general requirement for certification bodies that operate individual certification,
and includes the requirements of certification bodies to certify individuals for specific requirements,
and the development and maintenance of a certification system for individuals.
It was developed with the goal of achieving and facilitating internationally accepted standards for institutions that operate qualification certification.
Personal qualification certification according to ISO 17024 is one of the methods to ensure that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme (field).
This is achieved by evaluating the competencies of the recipient and periodically reevaluating them.


The international beauty certification was approved by SCC
for the first time in the industry based on the international standard ISO 17024.

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is the crown company of the federal government.
The SCC's mission is to promote efficient and effective standardization in Canada.
The Standards Council, located in Ottawa, has a 13-member governing board and approximately 90 staff.
The organization reports to Parliament through Canada's Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and oversees Canada's national standardization network.
Standardization is the development and application of standard publications that establish accepted practices, technical requirements, and terminology for products, services, and systems.
Standards help ensure better, safer and more efficient methods and products and are an integral part of technology, innovation and trade.
The Standards Board performs a number of functions to ensure the effective and coordinated operation of Canadian standardization.
It also represents Canada's interest in standards-related issues in foreign and international forums.

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International Beauty Qualification Operation Plan

IBQC operates in the following process.

IBQC registration through each academy

Registration is possible only through IBQC, and numbers are distributed after registration


All application forms must be filled out directly on the Internet,
and the application fee must be paid.

Preliminary OX test

OX test before taking the 1st written test

1st written test

Applicants who have received the application form are eligible to take
the written test at the announced location,
and those who fail to take the written test again.

2nd practical test

It is conducted for those who have passed the 1st written test, and those who failed the 2nd practical test can take the practical test for 1 year from the date of passing.

Issuance of qualifications

Qualifications are issued to those who pass the 2nd practical test, and the validity period is 3 years.


Renewal of qualifications through prescribed supplementary education and tests, and renewals of qualifications are renewed every 3 years according to the qualification operation procedure.

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In order to prevent damage from theft of the original, the international certification design can be exemplified differently by country/subject/level.
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